Uber Driver Vehicle Requirements: The New Qualifications for New Uber Driver

Uber Driver Vehicle Requirements for new drivers: Do you wish to become an Uber driver and you want to know the requirements before you make your application? In this post we cover all you need to provide, that is Uber driver Vehicle requirements, how to Sign up for driver account and tips that will make you a successful driver in the company. We shall treat them one after the other.
As you plan to drive for Uber, one thing is important. You have to check if Uber services are available in your city. Yeah it will be a waste of time if the company does not operate in your region/country. It is your location that determines Uber driver Vehicle requirements. How do you check if Uber operates in your location? To see the list of cities where Uber operates visit www.uber.com/cities. Once the page opens, scroll through it and if your city is included then you can continue to know whether you are qualified to become an Uber driver.

To qualify as Uber driver you must satisfy many requirements and if you fail to meet them as required you will not be taken as a driver for Uber. This is because the company does not take chances. It is dedicated to providing services to the satisfaction of its customers wherever it operates. If you fail prey of the requirements that’s all for you, your application for becoming a driver will not be considered.

Uber Driver Vehicle Requirements for new Drivers

  • You must be at least 21 years with good driving record and experience.
  • In Us you must have at least one year driving experience depending on your age. It is three years of driving experience if you are under 23.
  • In respect to the type of Vehicles that Uber requires, you must have a four-door car with four passenger seats that is 10 years older or newer. Some cities will require newer models.
  • You must have a social security number
  • You must pass a background and driving record check
  • In-state auto insurance with your name on it
  • You must also have a valid driver’s license and your car must be insured in your name.

Once you meet all these requirements you can proceed to Uber Official website with your browser at get.uber.com/drive. For faster and better submission of your documents it is advisable you use computer. It will show a better interface of the Uber Driver sign up page. However, you can user Uber mobile app to create the account as well.

Meanwhile, New driver account is only for new members, if you already have an account then what you need is to login in the account and fill all the necessary details as required by Uber. The Login button is below the account form. Note that every city has its different Uber rules.

Create a new Uber account if you don’t have already by filling the form on the page and after click Next to continue from another page where you will indicate whether you have a car or not. Where you don’t have a car, you click on I Need a car option. The only challenge you may have is that some cities don’t rent car.

Just as this topic is predicated on Uber drive Vehicle requirements, you must meet your city requirements before you continue to another stage. It is one of the basic things as prospective Uber driver. Confirm that your vehicle meets requirements in your location and if not you won’t be permitted to use such vehicle on Uber Company.

Your application cannot be accepted unless you provide your social security number. The next thing you will do is to provide your social security number. Your security number is used to perform a background check. It may take a week or longer for the completion of the check. You won’t be charged for it, it is free.

What is the next thing you need to do after you entered your social security number? You will be required to upload valid copies of your documents. If you already saved your documents in your email or device upload them from there. If you don’t have them ready in your device or email you can use scanner to transfer them to your computer and afterward upload them to where they are required on Uber. It has to include a clear ID card, your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance and recent passport of yourself.

Make sure that both the vehicle registration and insurance are all your name.

This is not where it ends, beside Uber driver Vehicle requirements you will go to your phone store and download Uber driver app if you did not get link for the download. Note that some phones are not supported for the Uber app. You need a supported version of Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Window phone. Uber has a platform that allows you rent a Smartphone if you don’t have the supported one. Follow the link on the app download screen during the sign up process for more information.

To enable you receive your payment from Uber you need to enter your checking account information for direct deposit. How are you going to do this? Visit vault.uber.com and log in with your Uber account. Enter your active account number and routing number and continue the registration

If you are unable to sign up using the above method, you can go to Uber Greenlight location at your city and sign up from there. All cities that have Uber service have at least one of these locations. The Greenlight location is also where you can have face to face interaction with Uber agents if you need their help. To get details of your city Uber Greenlight location go to Uber help page and you find information you are searching for.

Next thing that will come to your mind when you have complete Uber driver Vehicle requirements is how submit and get them checked.

Most Uber cities require that your vehicle pass an annual inspection for it to be used. These reviews of your documents are free at your Uber Greenlight location and must be completed by an ASE-certified mechanic.

Check to make sure you’ve met all local requirements. Each city has different requirements for Uber drivers. You may need to provide additional documents depending on your location. After you have submitted your Uber driver vehicle requirements you will need to wait for days for the inspection to be complete. Uber will send you a notification either on your email or SMS as soon as your application is approved.
From there you can get started if you are successful and you will start receiving authorization from Uber.

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How to Get Started as an Uber Drive

You will control most the things with your Uber Driver App and that’s why you need a smartphone. We are going to talk about how you pick passenger/s once you become Uber driver.

Click on Go Online button to start looking for fares. This will make your car available for hire and you’ll be taken to the map screen.

One of the secrets of getting customers request is making your location closer to the person that will need your service. You can drive around city where people visit most; you will be displayed closer on the map screen to passengers. With this you are going to receive lots of requests.

Accept a ride request within 30 seconds or else it will be directed to another Uber driver. Be ready to accept a ride request as quickly as possible because you are rated on how you respond to request. Tap at any place on your screen to accept it at any time.

The passenger’s picking point will appear on your screen; you can follow the map on your screen, or tap the Navigate button to get turn-by-turn directions. Follow the direction and get to where you will carry the person.

Your rider may not be at the pickup point, you to have wait for few minutes or contact the person. How do you contact your rider where you have spent time waiting for them?

Steps For Contacting Your Rider

  • Tap the Checklist button in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the Contact button under your rider’s name.
  • Send a text message to the rider.

Confirm if it’s your rider you’re picking up by asking the passenger’s name to avoid picking a wrong person. This is necessary particularly in a busy city where there’re many Uber drivers. It is unlawful to pick up riders who have not asked a ride through the Uber app.

Start the trip by Sliding the Start Trip button. Doing so will switch the app to where the rider is going to. You may need to ask the rider to make sure you’re going to the right destination.

Taking the quickest route to drive the rider to the destination on time will increase your rating. Use the Navigate button for turn-by-turn directions.

To end the trip, Slide the Complete Trip button when you arrive. This will send the fare to the rider’s Uber app.

Tips on How to become a good Uber Driver and earn more money

Know your city route very well

One of the things I mentioned as secret of attracting good rating from a rider is getting to the pickup location on time. It’s better you wait for your rider to come than your rider waiting for you. If you’re familiar with your city route you will always get to your call up point promptly. Know the route to take when traffic is bad.

Always accept ride requests on time

Make sure you accept ride request before 30 seconds elapses or else it will be directed to another Uber driver. You should be online during your work hours. It will affect your ratings if you don’t respond promptly to a rider request and there will be lesser request coming to your app.

Let your car be neat every time

After you become familiar with your city route and developing the habit of accepting ride on time, another way of increasing your rating is by keeping your car clean. Your rider will be happy and comfortable where your car is clean, so wash your vehicle as often as possible. We all love good thing.

Make sure you arrive at your rider pickup location on time

In similar importance, it’s a good practice to always get to your rider’s pickup promptly without delay of any kind. You need waste any longer after accepting a ride.

Another tip very important is safety

There is the need for you to drive carefully and arrive safely at rider destination. No one will like to book a drive that is reckless. Don’t disobey any traffic law. In summary avoid any driving practice that will make your passenger feel unsafe. Reckless driving will not only reduce your request and rating but will also bring an end to your job in Uber.

Be friendly with your passenger

When you get to the pickup location of your rider don’t act strange. Give the person a warm welcome. If the rider has luggage help them to arrange it in your car.

Dress well in proper attire

In some Uber locations it is a requirement to dress in Uber uniform but if in your city there is no uniform, it is a good driving practice to dress well while at work. It is among things Passenger rates.

Maintain your car regularly to avoid unexpected break

As an Uber driver your car needs to be in a good state, ready to kick off any time a request is made. Ensure that every part of your car is in order.

That is it on Uber driver vehicle requirements, getting started with Uber drive and tips for successful driving.

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