Lyft App For Bike Rent: Cyclist Can Now Use Lyft App to Rent Citi Bikes: See How to Use it


Cyclist in New York City and Jersey can now rent bike through the Lyft app. No much time to spend on renting a bike, all you need is few clicks and the company will respond immediately.

This development is coming after some beta-testing with about 20 percent of the users. It is also a follow up after Lyft bought Motivate, the biggest bike operator in the US and which ones Cities Bike located in New York City.

The Lyft app for bike rent is available to all users, and won’t need you to have a Lyft account to rent or locate bike. The company’s plan is to provide all service on transportation sector having option for cars, electric scooters and bike.

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How to Use Lyft App For Bike Rent

  • Locate and open the Lyft app on your phone.
  • Go to request a ride and select Lyft Bikes below the Nearby tab. The app will display how many bikes that are available at more than 750 Citi Bike stations throughout the city.
  • To unlock a bike you use a five-digit code and pay for the ride all within the Lyft app.
  • When you return the bike to a station, a green light will show up on the dock and you will get a notification allowing you know your bike has successfully been returned.
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