How to Activate American Express Card Online/Phone Number


There are two things involved in American Express Card; application for the card and its activation. You may have received the card but yet to get it working for its purposes. If you have gotten your card and you want to activate it, here we have two different methods in which you can activate American Express Card so that you can shop with it.

There are many types of American Express Card with their features, however, the activation procedures remains the same. It’s either you use online method or phone call.

The two self help services with which to activate an American Express Card are Online (AMEX website) and through phone number. Upon activation of your card, you can make transactions online and offline at your convenient time. American Express Card benefits includes the welcome bonus on Platinum card from American Express and shopping hitch free advantages.

How to Activate American Express Card Online/AMEX website

Open your browser tab and enter this URL address, Doing this will take you to American Express official website, it is where you will provide all details needed to activate the card.

You are about to start filling your details. Upon opening the page you will see Get started, Set up and Finish options. Below these options is a card like form. It is in square form. Fill in the field at your top right side, your AMEX 4 digit card ID followed by 15 digit card number. Make sure you entered your correct card ID and number.

Once you are done providing the details, click on “Confirm”, it is below the blue card.

When you navigate to the next page, you will be required to confirm whether you already have an American Express online account.

Where you have an account already, next thing you will do is to tap on “Login” option. If don’t have account, tap on “Register a new account” option. The last option will require your valid personal details which must be the same with those you provided during American Express Card registration.

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For successful American Express Card activation online you will need to provide details such as your full name, age, date of birth, address, contact name, email address, and your mother’s maiden name.

Very important are your username and password because you can only use the card with them. It will take long processes to recover your password. It is therefore advisable you create strong password and username only can remember. Don’t user your name as someone can easily guess and use your American Express Card without your consent.

Once you are through creating American Express Card username and password tap on “Finish”. That’s it; your American Express card will be activated online.

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